Fantastic Planet

Amanda Parer

This year Momentum is thrilled to present three humanoids from Amanda Parer’s Fantastic Planet. These larger-than-life spectacular figures will populate Promenade Park and illuminate our riverfront in celebration of the new energy and revitalization of our city center. The work will be on view beginning September 13th during the Momentum kick off from 7PM-9PM. Amanda Parer is an internationally recognized artist currently residing in Tasmania, Australia. Parer Studio's work has been displayed in major international public art museums such as the North Carolina Museum of Art, the Memphis Museum of Art USA and the Southbank Centre in London and continues to attract major art commissions such as from Starfield Korea, Unilever Turkey, and Brookfield International.

The Compound Camera


The Compound Camera, by Pneauhaus, a twenty-foot inflatable installation made of 109 pinhole cameras will be on view at Momentum! The flexible structure invites viewers to touch, push, and distort the projected images that offer slightly different views of the surrounding area. Each small camera cell are arranged in a geodesic pattern to form a dome, giving viewers a novel experience of their surroundings that can be compared to being inside a fly’s compound eye.

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Inter/Active Projects

A portion of these projects were made possible in part by an INTER/ACTIVE grant from The Arts Commission of Greater Toledo as part of the City of Toledo’s One Percent for Art Program.


Christopher Schneider and Nina Caruso

Anonymous is part sculpture, part communication device. The interactive, site­ specific sculpture consists of bent and rolled steel pipe winding haphazardly like a mass of giant crazy straws. Multiple connected pipes intertwine to make it difficult to follow where each one goes. At each end is a mouthpiece/listening device. The public is invited to talk and listen, although they will not be sure who is on the other end. Sound travels surprisingly well through these pipes, where even a light whisper can be heard. It is like how children play with cardboard tubes but taken to a degree larger than most have experienced. This operates as a social experiment­­ what will people say when they are not sure who is listening?

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Eco Parade

Matt Foss

Eco Parade showcases our community water source biodiversity, ecological need, and health with aims at improving our collective relationship and stewardship of the system as a whole. The parade will feature large format puppets and performance, live music, and community created objects; everyone will be invited to participate in the processional.

All Together Now

Julia Labay Darrah + Yusuf Lateef

All Together Now combines aspects of play, sculpture, and installation using interchangeable life-size forms. These lightweight sculptures will feature a conglomerate of images of the human body and will be placed on a stage, inviting participants to interact with the forms to create a “family photo”.

Dialogue With the River

Barbara Miner

Dialogue With The River will be a group completed project, enabling hundreds of people to participate in the creation of an aesthetically engaging, temporary work of art. Based on Tibetan Prayer Flags, hand silk-screened flags with environmental information about the Maumee River and Lake Erie printed on the colorful fabric will be created. The flags will be available for individuals to write on and create “dialogues”, “wishes” or “pledges” for the health of the river and the lake. The customized flags will then be strung on the tent like uprights, creating a moving wind-driven sculpture. The idea is that the wind will carry the good wishes and the promises out into the world in hopes that the newly gained awareness of the river’s plight will influence the choices each of us makes. Didactic materials from regional and national groups such as Partners for Clean Streams, The Black Swamp Conservancy, and the Nature Conservancy will be available for visitors.


Matthew Dansack + Sebastien Schohn

Stem is a digital interactive media project using multiple song stems (tracks of one or two instruments used to make a song) to allow participants a chance to create new song compositions. By interacting with an installation of amps, record crates, and digital technology, users can arrange the stems to create and download a song. Special thank you to Vincent Chiaverini for guitar samples.

Bubble Butt

SaBa: Sam Sheffield + Barry Whittaker

Players will work as a team to explore a surreal and humorous landscape as a pair of sentient pants. Players must work together by bouncing on a convoluted, two-person, human-powered interface to control each leg of the pants avatar as it journeys through a series of ridiculous obstacles and distractions. Enjoy this work on Saturday, September 15th at the Toledo Mini Maker Faire.