Adopt A Herdling

Artist: Kelley Bell

Take home a friend from “The Herd” featured at Momentum 2019. This installation of inflatable, glow in the dark luminous beings was held at One Seagate Plaza on the banks of the Maumee River. The Herd is both a reminder to protect our natural resources and a tribute to all the citizens who continue to hope and support healthy waterways for our cities and our country. Our goal is to generate as little waste as possible, so we keep all our waterways and natural resources clean! “Adopting a Herdling” not only helps us keep these inflatables out of landfills, but proceeds also go to support Toledo’s Partners for Clean Streams, a local non-profit dedicated to stewardship of the Maumee River and all local waterways in Toledo.

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Thank You Toledo

We are overwhelmed with pride in our city and gratitude for the many individuals and organizations who came together to make Momentum happen! We hope you were awed by world-class art, learned something new from a local maker, danced with friends, or contemplated new music, all while taking in the view of our waterfront and city skyline. We love the creativity in our community-thank you to all of the philanthropic partners, artists, makers, musicians, performers, food vendors and volunteers!

Momentum | Intersection

2019 - 2020

Momentum | Intersection is a collaboration of industry, design, and art. Inspired by the studio glass movement, The Arts Commission seeks to provide new collaborations between applications of glass as an artistic medium and manufacturing processes. The 2019 - 2020 awardees are: Jason Robert Bauer (Brooklyn, NY), Carrie Iverson (Arlington, TX), and Kristine Rumman (Philadelphia, PA).

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Culture Inspires Healthy Communities

2020 Momentum Presenting Sponsor

Art is essential to a healthy community and a vibrant downtown. The Arts Commission is pleased to partner with ProMedica to present the 2020 Momentum Festival, promoting the greater Downtown Toledo area as a vibrant center of arts, culture, and creative life for residents, guests, tourists, and those dedicated to Toledo's revitalization.

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