Jen Lewin | Sep 19 - Oct 18

Aqueous is an interactive landscape of meandering pathways of light. During the day Aqueous will shift in color and reflection, mirroring the sky within a walkable dichroic surface. At night, Aqueous will flow and glow in full illuminated interactivity, engaging large groups in collaborative play. This large-scale interactive artwork will illuminate the riverfront in celebration of the new energy and revitalization of our city. Jen Lewin is an internationally recognized artist currently living in New York City. Lewin has designed and installed permanent public interactive sculptures worldwide. Photo Credit: Aqueous by Jen Lewin, Images by Refined.Media

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The Herd

Kelley Bell | Sep 19 - Oct 06

The Herd is a tribute to all the citizens who continue to hope for a healthy city and healthy waterways. It is a cluster of 200 luminous inflatable swim rings—similar in appearance to the floats used by swimmers at the lakeside—laced together in a net to form a glowing multitude of creatures calmly bobbing in the shimmering ripples of the nighttime One Seagate Courtyard Pond.

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Sound Sculpture

Ryan Edwards | Masary Studios | Sep 19 - 21

Sound Sculpture is an interactive musical instrument, a physical sound and light environment that facilitates play and connection, and a tool for creative expression. Sound Sculpture makes musical composition more physical, and sculptural creation more audible. Participants create not only physical structures but musical compositions manipulated by the physical relationship of the cubes. The experience is akin to walking onto staff paper, picking up the notes and moving them around, thereby changing pitch, rhythm, melody, and harmony. A community workshop lead by Ryan Edwards will be held in early August of 2019. This workshop will teach and guide participants in how to collect various sounds from the community to be incorporated into the score for Momentum weekend.

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Sunset Carry Out

Rhonda Weppler + Trevor Mahovsky | Sep 19-21

Weppler & Mahovsky create corner stores in the form of giant lanterns. Two thousand smaller lanterns are displayed upon shelves inside, illuminating the store, and representing products ranging from toothpaste to snacks. The lanterns are hand assembled acetate copies of items purchased in each city the artwork has been displayed. For each new installation, a few new products, reacting the local site, are added to the store stock. The project is thus site-specific, at the same time as it is an archive of its own history and travels. During the last night of the event (September 21st), the store will fade gradually, as visitors enter the see-through building and select free lanterns to carry away.

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You Are Beautiful

Matthew Hoffman | Sep 19 - 21

You are so many things. You are beautiful. You are doing great. You are you, and that's incredible. You Are Beautiful started as a small sticker in 2002 in Chicago by Matthew Hoffman. Now over 5 million stickers in 100 languages has traveled around the globe many times over. All with the simple goal to spread positivity. This installation is the first of it's kind, a blown up version of a sticker. The piece features text hand drawn by Matthew Hoffman, and manufactured in his studio. This towering 8' double sided piece will offer a smile in any direction.

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Bradley Scherzer | Sep 19-21

POOF! is a giant creature sporting a symbiotic relationship with humans. POOF! relies on its bright and colorful good looks to get people to feed it. By creating joy and fun for all that meet it, the POOF! gets fed all the tasty neon poof balls it could ever want! Enjoy watching the poof balls make their way through the POOF! and then fly out again. Participants move in and out of the "creature" feeding in new poofs and then watching as they fly out from the ceiling and walls of the inside. This project is made possible in part by an INTER/ACTIVE grant from The Arts Commission of Greater Toledo as part of the City of Toledo’s One Percent for Art Program.

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SUPERNOVA Digital Animation Festival 2019

Supernova Goes Viral!

Denver Digerati advances the first-ever collaboration that brings Supernova Digital Animation Festival’s unique programming to a community screen outside of Colorado, in association with The Arts Commission and the Momentum Festival in Toledo, Ohio. This exciting partnership with Momentum fully celebrates Digerati’s focus on positioning digital motion-art as the next level of public art, free for all to enjoy. It's also one of the cornerstone's for this year's exciting platform "Supernova Goes Viral".

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A Thousand Hands A Million Stars

Denise Ritter

A Thousand Hands: A Million Stars is a creative, collaborative effort uniting visual art, poetry, music, and song created and performed all by women as a vehicle to bring awareness, empowerment and a voice to those that have been rendered silent and hopeless by their experience in human sex trafficking. This project will be on view as a highlight at the International Human Trafficking & Social Justice Conference taking place at The University of Toledo during the same time as Momentum.

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Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference

Faces of Trafficking

Faces of Trafficking will feature portraits of people from the greater Toledo community who are leading the fight to end trafficking; bringing the issue out of darkness. In addition, survivor artwork and student response pieces to trafficking stories will be on display as well as a special feature, A Thousand Hands, A Million Stars, a collaboration uniting visual art, poetry, music and dance.

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