Toledo area artists were asked to highlight civic pride, messages of inclusivity, or regional flora and fauna to celebrate ideas of growth for the Momentum Festival program. Click the links below to download, print, and color! Be sure to share them with us on social media using #MyVibrantToledo and #Momentum2020.

Learn More About the Artists


Jon Lightle, a Toledo native, illustrates for commercial art, magazine editorial, kids books, middle grade, graphic novels, and various other creative projects. He makes his own illustrated work on Etsy and Whispers To Bravery, a podcast on creating and living mindfully. Recent clients include Chronicle Books, Highlights for Children, and a few summer art projects with The Arts Commission. When Jon is not illustrating, he reads books on creativity, manga, comics, kids books, and watches cartoons with his kids. Also, spending time outside, running, yoga, and learning new skills, like cooking, recording electronic music, and gardening. His secret, not-so-secret dream project would be living on a homestead with his wife and kids, having a seasonal road-side garden stand selling local grown fruit and vegetables.


DaJaniere Rice graduated from Bowling Green State University with a BFA in graphic design in 2017. DaJaniere currently works as a graphic designer on the marketing team at the University of Michigan. She also recently launched a design business with her sister, RICE Design, or RICED. Some of DaJaniere’s favorite places to visit in Toledo is the Toledo Riverfront, Handmade Toledo, Carlos’ Poco Loco, and the AIGA Toledo space on Monroe Street. You can see more of DaJaniere’s work at or


Caroline Jardine (CARO) is an artist, muralist, and educator. She was introduced to creative place-making as a teenager, when she began working with the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo as an apprentice. Her passion for engaging with the community through art grew, and she has since created and led murals, installations, and collaborative projects for organizations, businesses, schools, and community events. Jardine weaves Ukrainian symbolism into her mixed media pieces to  depict themes of connection, history, and identity. She currently lives and works in Toledo, Ohio as a high school art teacher.


Bradley Scherzer lives in Toledo and currently teaches art at Fremont Ross High School in Fremont, Ohio. Much of his recent work has been organizing/engaging communities and youth in public-art making. He also creates large-scale murals and art installations.


Reem Barakat is an artist from Toledo whose work has themes of her Lebanese culture and uses recurring ornate designs to unify her work. She is inspired by the patterns, imagery, and the language that surrounds her. Over the years she has become more involved with the art community and has designed, created, and coordinated public murals throughout the city. Her involvement with the Arts Commission began with helping coordinate the monthly Art Loop and led her to coordinate special events where local artists are invited to come together and share their work with other artists and members of the community to create a unique celebration of what Toledo has to offer.


Emily Mata is a 20 year old artist, designer, muralist, painter and very cool person. She is in her third year of studying Advertising Design at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, so a lot of her work is either for school or for commission. She has participated in the Young Artists at Work program in Toledo for the past five consecutive years and finds inspiration for her art anywhere and everywhere. She most recently led the painting of the mural on the Ottawa Tavern on Adams Street. When she's not pushing a paintbrush she's probably practicing karate or planning her next project. Or using excessive alliteration when constructing an artist's bio. She hopes to continue to create artwork for Toledo and stay involved in the local art scene however she can.


Mercé Culp is a 4-dimensional artist. Her work includes street art, dance, fashion, graphic design, and video. Urban Digitz is the body of work she consistently builds pushing her anthology of work into the world of fashion. Mercé has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 3D digital character modeling and alternative digital print from Bowling Green State University. She is currently pursuing several fashion-based exhibitions with her semi-luxe apparel line, MFINITY FASHION. As Mercé creates and designs custom wearable canvases, she remains active in making public art, teaching youth arts programs, live festival performances, and experimental projects.


Amber LeFever Soboleski is a Toledo-based artist who lives and works in East Toledo. After graduating with her BFA in Art Education/2D Studies and a minor in Arts Management, she and her husband moved to East Toledo and opened LeSo Gallery. During that time, LeFever was an art teacher for a low-income charter school. After five years of exhibitions and larger community projects, LeFever decided to focus on her own artwork and her special needs rescue animals. The majority of LeFever’s artwork features pets and portraiture. She uses acrylic and thread paintings to support local rescue organizations in addition to creating custom pieces for people all across the country. She learned the art of thread painting while working for nationally-renowned artist Chris Roberts-Antieau from 2017, when she left teaching to pursue art more diligently, until the beginning of 2020. From there, she decided to dedicate her career exclusively to making her own work.


Isaac Klunk is an illustrator and designer based and doing a-ok in Toledo, Ohio. He also draws live caricatures at parties and events, and accepts studio caricature commissions. Find more of his work at, or follow him on instagram at @iklunk.

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